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5 Reasons why you should consider hiring a decorator

Why you should consider hiring an interior designer?

There is no space quite as personal as the four walls that make up our home. And it's been proven that our surroundings have a huge impact on our mood and overall well being.

It is with that understanding that we believe that creating a space that brings joy and peace as well as one that reflects both your personality and style is important when decorating your living space.

The design of your home should also function in a way that works with how you live your life. It might sound impossible, and that’s because incredible design does not happen by chance. Great spaces are carefully explored, planned, and curated by professionals.

We hear from clients all the time that they are worried about the process as well as the costs of working with a designer...

And believe me, we get it! That's why we offer various levels of service for your home design projects.

We also understand that it may take a bit more for you to be fully convinced that hiring a professional is the right move for you.

That's why we have compiled a list of reasons why you should consider hiring a designer for your next home design project.


Time without a doubt is the ultimate luxury but one that is hard to come by.

TIME IS MONEY and design projects take time!! And not just in the length from start to finish; but the time that you will spend each day liaising between contractors, vendors, permitting, sourcing, etc!, having someone to just manage the day-to-day is worth its weight in gold. Our job is to keep a project on time and making sure that things are moving along.

And so if time is money then-


Have you ever fell in love with piece of furniture in store but when you got it home it was too big? Ever tried to pick out white or beige paint for your home and had a whole room painted only to realize your kitchen is now the softest color baby pink? How come when you pair chartreuse and navy together it doesn't look like that IG post that you liked? Hiring a decorator will save you from purchasing furniture that you don't need, over paying contractors to repeat work, but most of all have an editorial worthy space for you to enjoy. Bringing a designer on to your project can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home..
Budget conscious? a designer will know the best places to get the best value while helping you stay within your budget. OC Design & Organization offers in-depth budget monitoring on design projects.

creating a space that reflects both your personality and style lends itself to the standard that we adhere to.


On the topic of design projects, remodels & renovations; managing a projects can feel like a pressure cooker.

Leisurely picking out finishes can be fun and exciting (to some) but doing so while maintaining aesthetic and adhering to the project timeline can be stressful. If a piece of your project is delayed because an item on the punch-list goes unnoticed or maybe you don't have a fixture selected in time for the electrician to install. you've now caused a delay as well as an extra trip for your electrician which means your bottom line might be seeing red.

Gone are the days of 6 to 8 weeks delivery times. We have been seeing 6 and 9 month and in some cases upwards of a year to receive your furnishings and appliances. Non-construction based projects oftentimes take a tedious amount of management over a very prolonged period of time.

Hiring a decorator means you don't have to deal with any of it.


Having already touched on this a little in the beginning; decorators and designers are able to determine the best furniture layout for a space is critical in how the room functions and how it reads aesthetically. In meeting with a client, we discuss the pieces that they want to repurpose or eliminate, and what needs to be added. This is where we get to dive into your curated pinboard or inspo screenshots- and then figure out how to make it YOURS!

Planning the space is HUGE.


It is my job to think outside of the box when it comes to home decor. Not only will you get a good design sense, but you’ll also get an attention to detail from proper lighting and furniture placement to fabric choices and color palette and fixture options. A designer can create custom-designed pieces to make sure everything fits perfectly and is truly special to your home.

Designers can also get you furniture, fabric, and materials that are trade-only and not accessible to everyone else. People notice a well-designed home. Try to do it by yourself, and you’re stuck juggling the many elements that go into designing that a designer is specifically trained to do so and has the space planning know-how and essential design tools. And when they’re done, not only will your home look beautiful and cohesive, but it’ll be well thought out and highly functional.


Feeling inspired? We'd love to hear from you. OC Design & Organization specializes in home design with an emphasis on functionality. We design beautiful spaces that are well versed for entertaining to the ever growing family. To find out more about our services please submit this inquiry form here. Or you can reach out directly at 949.409.1262 or

For info regarding any of the furnishings above; please submit an inquiry here. and someone will be back to you within 24 hours.

We would love to hear what some of the reasons why you would want to hire an interior decorator would be....

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