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Ready to hire a professional organizer? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind.

Updated: Jan 17

OC Design & Organization walks you through our FIVE HOT TIPS to know about hiring a professional organizer.

Closet with gold organization baskets

Have you ever had the intention of hiring a professional and then upon starting your search you realize that you're unsure on where to begin?

Don't worry babe, we've been there too.

Hiring any professional, especially one that will be in your personal space can be a bit overwhelming. But don't worry....we gotchu!

Think of us as your pro-organizer wingwoman to help walk you through the hiring of a professional organizer process. We are like a career coach and hype woman all rolled up into one. Our 5 hot tips will get you well on your way to securing a compatible organizer while also preparing you so that you can get the most out of this entire experience.

See… wingwoman



I know, we’re a bit blunt…

But it's important because it can effectively make or break your experience.

Knowing where your comfort lies with regard to a budget is so important. And by budget we aren't just referring to the cost of the service as a whole. We actually are referring to an overall project budget but more specifically with regard to supplies. Without a clear understanding of your financial comfortability; expectations (on both ends) have a tendency to get muddled. Thus frustration ensues and it becomes a whole mess of a thing.

My philosophy:

 beautiful custom closet OC Design & Organization

you can afford what you can afford- Good Service comes at a cost but it isn't worth breaking the bank over.

If cost is something that is cause for hesitation, find out what resources your pro-organizer has or literature that they can recommend to help you maintain your newly organized space once the service is complete. The service will ultimately be saving you money in the long run as you will be functioning in an environment that is more conducive for success.



This might be one of the more unpopular tips at first but it's one that countless friends and clients have endured the fallout from when it is not followed and let me explain why.

Hiring a professional organizer that doesn't charge some sort of consultation fee can indicate a lack of experience. The caveat to this is if you are looking to enlist someone for a smaller project that doesn't involve a lot of customization, then this may not apply. But if you have a fairly involved project then this is a must!

wooden hanger in closet

Let me explain....


My consultations are usually about two-hours long but can go from an hour and a half for a small job to four hours for a larger scale job. And sometimes more than one meeting is required. Why does the consultation take so much time?

Let's break the appointment into two parts (not necessarily in this order):

PART ONE: This is used by taking meticulous measurements of the entire space including each and every drawer, cabinet, counter, cubby and more and recording them. I usually sketch out the space as well as take pictures.

PART TWO: I like to call it the fact finding portion of the meeting. This is where we walk through the "function of the room".

I get it- a kitchen seems self-explanatory but what I am interested in is how exactly you utilize it- during your day-to- day.

Do you bake frequently and need a better system to access your ingredients. Are there frequently used items that are inaccessible? Or do you have a difficult time bending or reaching to get certain items?

This info is what lays the foundation for a positive experience.

To round it all out; the amount of time and attention to detail that is required to gain the implied outcome one expects from an organizer or decorator is reflected by charging a consultation fee. Just as you would pay for the actual service- the consultation is considered part of the service as well.




That's right... have a game plan. The more organized you are (I know- the irony) with regard to your project the more successful the outcome will be. (see ... career coach time!)

lego organization inspo

Want IG worthy results? Then be clear with the professional organizer that you hire with respect to your own expectations.

Do you want each and every toy in your child's playroom to be contained

color coded lego organization inspo

regardless of size and then filed by type and sorted by like colors; then PLEASE; tell us that!

Side note: If this is something you want then you are my people and we should hangout!! I once organized my son's lego collection based on type and color .... FOR FUN!! (pic referenced for proof)


Tip #4 - LET IT GO

This is important in more ways than one.

IMHO, it would be a waste of resources when hiring a professional organizer and not be ready to get rid of at least some of your stuff.

Even if you're only willing to part with 10% that's great! .... baby steps.

Unless you have recently gone through your stuff then it's important that you have the mindset that you are able to at least rid yourself of some of your items.


it frees up space an allows us to work *true* magic

It feels good. I know it might seem daunting or scary in the beginning but I guarantee after some time passes you won't even remember you donated your boyfriend from 6th grade's retainer that you've been hiding in your memory box all these years....

Loosening your grip a bit and allowing the professional you hired, to do the actual job you hired them to do- *chef's kiss* .... you won't be disappointed.

closet organization with gold bins



Maybe you can check-off 1-4 but there just isn't that spark between the two of you.

That's ok... not everyone is for everyone.

My opinion, this is the most important tip when hiring a professional organizer. Feeling comfortable feel comfortable with them can really make or break the entire process. this individual will be- up close and personal; in your business and you want to make sure you feel you can trust them especially when it comes to things like tip#4. If you are worried that the individual might be too pushy then maybe they're not the right person for you (see... now wingwoman) or maybe YOU DO want someone who can give you that extra little push to rid you of what may be weighing both your home and you down.

closet organization

So there you have it-

5 HOT TIPS to keep in mind when hiring a professional organizer.

IF you're interested in booking a consultation or want further information on our professional organization services | DROP US A LINE

and set-up a complimentary phone-call to discuss all your organization needs.



Do you agree with these tips? Were there tips that you were surprised I didn't mention?
I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. .....


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