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Trying to showcase the splendor of exquisitely designed furniture, textiles or art without abandoning clutter first, limits the beauty and aesthetic of your design. There is a reason that artists showcase their masterpieces on plain white walls, it draws the eye to the desired focal point free from distractions. I take this same concept when it comes to organization in support of home decor.  The same goes for office spaces,  a lack of productivity often coincides with an unkept and  untidy space.

It should comes as no shock that having grown up in South Orange County, encountering beauty just about everywhere you turned is a given.  It was from that my deep appreciation for home decor and aesthetics was born. Within the realm of home decor,  "Order'  always stood out to me.  I do not believe that a space has to be minimalistic and  sterile to be well organized. Organization is more about the removal of unnecessary clutter and  providing functionality in support of design and decor .  

I love creating spaces that give my clients a sense of pride when they are just going about their day,  living their lives.  My belief is that our mindsets can be dictated by how we feel overall both with ourselves and with the world.  My hope is to have each of my clients experience peace, productivity and presence of self  after having your home transformed by myself and my team. 

                                                                ~The OCD Organizer 

OCD Organizer is a leading professional organizer in the Mission Viejo, CA professional organizers directory on

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