We see you checkin' us out and quite frankly, we can’t blame you. So let's make it official and set-up a little one-on-one time for a complimentary consult with the queen bee of the Organization scene. This 15 min assessment will give you what's what on the up and up.


Complimentary Phone Consult

15 minutes

Not sure if you're ready to pull the trigger? Let OCD Organizer come in and take a peak at your project potential. The monies paid will be applied to whichever service or package you choose once you realize how awesome we are!
 ** This fee is based on a 2 hour consultation and travel a travel distance of 15 miles to and from 92694. Travel outside of this 15 mile radius is subject to an increased consult fee.



up to two and a half hours

You have the plan, the goods you just need the professional to come in and make what's what with all your stuff. Hire OCD Organizer by the hour to come and get to work on any space. 
Jobs further than 15 miles of Rancho Mission Viejo, CA  are subject to a higher hourly  rate

 **please note that for some jobs a higher per-hour cost may be charged due to the physical requirements of the task.


starting at $125 per hour

one hour of service

You're ready, ...... set.... it's a NO GO! 

Without the supplies it's anyone's race which is why we are here to ease your confusion and do the shopping for you. Our rate is based on one hour of shop time (it is also inclusive of gas + mileage). Give us the deets, the budget and desired look and we will deliver the supplies right to your doorstep.  

** Please note that this service requires a predetermined budget as well as a single shopping location. Sourcing and pre-planning are not included. Should you need more direction with what products and supplies need to be purchased or the store is out-of-stock of your requested items then additional time will be charged. 

 **stores must be within 15 mile radius of Dana Point, CA**



one hour

'OC ORGANIZE ME' is our starter package. This includes six (6) hours of actual organization time.  A proposal will be provided outlining the project timeline, a list of supplies and any build-outs requested. Our proposal is based on an in-depth consultation providing the details to customize your space based on your needs and vision for the space.  

 Package Includes:
 -Two (2) hour consultation with post consultation proposal (can be done virtually). We charge an initial $85 consultation fee that is applied to your total invoice cost as a credit upon booking of any service
             **more than one consultation may be needed if done virtually
 - Proposal of all items, breakdown of the space and how we will utilize it, map-out of custom built-ins etc. 
 - Sourcing for the recommended items for your space which consists of:
           * three (3) hour max of sourcing time
           * two (2) hour max shopping time 
 - Six (6) hours of sorting, editing, containing and organizing

 This service also includes a one to two week post session review of the service. 

 ** Please note that in selecting this service you are booking the initial 'in-home consultation'. The service will be booked following the initial consult


starting at $1500

six or more hours

Most people can think of about 100 things they would rather do than move, like .... getting a root canal. So let our organizing obsessed crew take over for you! 

Our concierge services support any and all your moving needs. From booking movers to unpacking and putting all of your prized possessions away in a very orderly fashion. OCD Organizer has you covered so you can sit back, relax, and go get that dental work you've been dying to get done checked off the list.


based on project specifics

duration determined by client

So the honeymoon is over and you're pristine palace is suddenly having that very ... *lived in* feeling.  Don't worry, we get it! OC Keepin' it Up!  help keep the sparks alive. 

Our monthly- two hour session,  is subscription based allowing things to be back to status quo and you back to being the one who really does have it all! 

 Select the one day each month that you would like for the service to take place and we will be there! 

 'OC Keep it Up' is the best kept secret in.... well, the OC.



two hours

Increase the price of your listing with this exclusive Sellers agent only package. Our home staging organization package provides the coveted minimalist aesthetic by eliminating unwanted clutter and seller specific 
 This package includes:
  -1.5 hour consultation 
  -5 hours of organization and procurement of supplies for any room(s) at a single listing
 - $100 credit toward supplies supporting that streamlined look.
 - $150 off on any future **package for their new home. 

 **The $150 off is for a package of three hours or more of organization and does not include any of the a la carte services listed.



five hours

OC what we have done