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We get excited by new projects and challenges. We don’t specialize in any one style or churn out the same stale concepts time and time again. We create new and bespoke solutions for each and every client. We listen, learn and develop concepts around your desired aesthetic – and then deliver something unique. Whether you are in the process of building your dream home are are ready to change things up, our service meets any and all of your design needs.

Our services include the following :

* Suggestion or a review of the current space.

* Sketches of interior cabinetry, drapery treatments and room layouts;

* Recommendations relative to placement and arrangement of furnishings;

* Acquisition & coordination of the following:
-- new or custom furnishings and accessories, tiles, cabinets, surface finishes, fabrics, wallpaper
and paints, carpeting and rugs, window treatments, and accessories;

* Selection and coordination in acquisition of stock items from retail sources;

* Selection of wall colors that are in harmony with all other fabrics and surface finishes;

* Recommendation of appropriate interior architectural features; i.e. mantels, molding, cabinetry,
kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures and hardware, flooring designs, lighting, built-in cabinetry
and other items;

* Periodic progress meetings with the architect and builder.

We offer an initial complimentary phone consultation to discuss your design needs and schedule your on-site review

to book a consultation use the link below  consultation 

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