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This service offers our clients who are interested in our design services
but on a smaller scale. This option is best for a single room or area of your home.

- Review of the current space
- Up to 50 hours of design time
** this includes project sourcing, business administration,
installation appointments and design appointments
- Up to 3 conceptual designs
- Acquisition & coordination of the following:
** new or custom furnishings and accessories, tiles, cabinets, surface finishes, fabrics, wallpaper
and paints, carpeting and rugs, window treatments, and accessories;
- Sourcing finishes
- Full accessorizing at installation
- Lighting and Hardware
- Selection of wall colors that are in harmony with all other
fabrics and surface finishes;
- Recommendation of appropriate interior architectural features;
i.e. mantels, molding, cabinetry, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures
and hardware, flooring designs, lighting, built-in cabinetry
and other items;
- Periodic progress meetings with the architect and builder.

Complimentary phone consultation

to book a consultation use the link below  consultation