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we've partnered with one of our favorite ateliers in Southern California to bring you a sprinkling of our favorites from their latest haul.


each item has been uniquely sourced and vintage, antique, and are

one-of-a-kind objects made from reclaimed and natural materials.


they've been graciously procured from places such asTurkey, India, Indonesia, Greece, France, China and more.  


most of the objects have lived many lives, and therefore come with unique patina, character, and wear

to inquire about purchasing one of the following items please complete the short inquiry form.


-O C design

charcoal water pot.png

/ charcoal Indian water pot

36 d x 48h

starting at $1645


/ willy guhl marmite

13" x18"

starting at $1595


/ willy guhl tulip

20.5"  x 20.5 x 12.5"

starting at $1745

fibrated concrete


/ willy guhl cone

28"  x 14.5 

starting at $1895

fibrated concrete

indian water pot.png

/ indian gloss pots

22"  x 31"

starting at $795


/ stone troughs

26" x 25" x17"

starting at $1895


/ console table

54" x 14" 34"

starting at $1495

primitive dining table.png

/ table

106"x 39"x30"

starting at $3650

Satisfaction Guarantee

Due to the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind nature of our current

capsule, we cannot guarantee stock, 

 however there are often pieces that are similar

in color, texture and shape, It is for this reason that we have you

complete an inquiry form so that we can confirm that there is still stock & assist you with your shopping requirements

Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 10.39.26 PM.png

custom cloud 

relax your own made to order breath of fresh air
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