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  Whether your home design requirements consist of a organizing your existing setup or you're decor needs a fresh set of eyes or maybe a complete transformation, we have you covered. Orange County Design & Organization provides an array of solutions that fit any aesthetic and budget. 

the service: 

We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible which is why we offer both ala carte services as well as package options. Regardless of the size of your project each of our packages provide an all- inclusive arrangement of services providing the attention to detail your project deserves.

Each package includes the following:

Sorting  | Containing

 Purging | Designated time to purchase supplies  

  List of Recommended Supplies | Design

Organizing | Planned Proposal for the space

Book a consultation now to see what option works for you...

the process


once you have contacted OCD Organizer and filled out the pre-consultation questionnaire we will set up a time to do an on-site consultation. This is typically a two hour appointment in which we review the form you previously filled out, take extensive measurements of the space, review supply style and what you are looking to get out of our organization services. We also ask that you have an idea of what your project budget.  Due to the extensive nature of this appointment we charge a fee of $65 that is applied to the purchase of any service upon booking. 


Following the consultation, OCD Organizer will provide you with a project proposal. This will outline the cost along with the proposed supplies list and the overall time we estimate the project to take.


after you've signed off on the proposal and contract we will set a project date which is the date in which we will be in your home or office organizing. We will provide a project timeline at this time as well .


This is the time in which we will procure the necessary supplies for your project.  If the proposed supplies are unavailable we will make every effort to purchase comparable products. If at anytime there is a change to your budget we will make you aware and confirm.  


On-site organization time 


OCD Organizer wants our clients to be satisfied with the service you've purchased therefore we will be by to check and see how your new organized palace is fairing for you.... 

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